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From Sam Crawford <samcrawf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Gracefully handling half-closed connections (encore!)
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 22:39:01 GMT

Thanks for the quick reply, as always.

I'm afraid I haven't been able to get a wire log of the extreme scenario I
highlighted earlier (I have a tcpdump capture of it from last night, but I
doubt that's of much use to you).

I have however got a wire log of the issue as it's manifesting itself this
evening. Inspection of the tcpdump traces reveal that this particular
webserver is sending FINs for idle TCP connections after 30 seconds, whereas
many of the other servers we're dealing with are all much higher (in the
order of 5 minutes or so). This server does not reply with a Keep-Alive
header, despite Connection: Keep-Alive being sent as a request header (I
appreciate it's under no obligation to obey the client's wishes).

I've attached the wire log anyway, but I think for the moment I'm going to
have to reduce my IdleConnectionEvictor to run at least every 30 seconds (it
runs every two minutes at present).

A couple of closing questions if I may:

1) Is there any way with the ClientConnectionManager to perform
closeIdleConnections only for a specific HttpRoute? If the answer is
"override the closeIdleConnections method and implement it" then that's fine
by me :-)
2) You said the Stale Connection check is (in most cases) "evil". Is there
any docs detailing exactly what it does and what we will lose if we disable
it? (I believe it's enabled by default). The tiny speed hit is not a massive
issue for us at the moment (but could be later).

Thanks again,


2009/4/14 Oleg Kalnichevski <olegk@apache.org>

> Sam Crawford wrote:
>> Afternoon all,
>> A few months back we had an issue with handling half closed TCP
>> connections
>> with HttpClient, and at the time I was advised to include something akin
>> to
>> the IdleConnectionEvictor - which we did and it's working very nicely in
>> nearly all scenarios.
>> However, in the past few days we've encountered a few WebLogic based hosts
>> that aren't playing fair.
>> The following is one (extreme) example of the issue we're encountering:
>> Time (ms)    TCP action
>> 0.0000         Client > Server [SYN]
>> 0.5634         Server > Client [SYN,ACK]
>> 1.2092         Client > Server [ACK]          <-- TCP session established
>> 312.5276         Server > Client [FIN,ACK]
>> 313.1309         Client > Server [ACK]
>> 401.5089         Client > Server [HTTP POST /blah]
>> 403.2986         Server > Client [RST]
>> In the above example, the server closes its side of the connection only
>> 300ms after establishment (by sending the FIN). (As an aside I'm curious
>> as
>> to why HttpClient is taking 400ms after the TCP connection has been
>> established to send the request - any suggestions are also much
>> appreciated,
>> but this doesn't happen often).
> This does not sound right. The stale connection check may cause a 20 to 30
> millisecond delay (and generally should be avoided) but this is a bit too
> much. Can you produce a wire / context log of the session?
>  But the above is an extreme example. We see other cases where the WebLogic
>> server is closing the connection of a keep-alive connection around 10-15
>> seconds after the last request.
> Does the server send a 'Keep-alive' header with the response?
>  Our IdleConnectionEvictor doesn't run that
>> often, so we end up with unusable connections. We could just run
>> IdleConnectionEvictor more often, but that's not really desirable.
>> I'm going to be digging into the WebLogic side of things this afternoon
>> (to
>> see if there's any limits we can modify there), but it does seem as though
>> there should be a nice way for HttpClient to detect such cases. I've got
>> stale connection checking enabled already by the way.
> Stale connection checking is (in most cases) evil and should be avoided.
>  I'm interested in any feedback/ideas here! I can include a wire capture as
>> an example if it would be helpful.
> A wire / context log that correlates with the TCP dump would be great.
> Oleg
>  Thanks again,
>> Sam
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