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From Florent Georges <li...@fgeorges.org>
Subject Re: Writing the content of an entity
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 10:58:49 GMT

Subhash Chandran wrote:


  Thanks for your response.

> AFAIK, HttpEntity InputStream takes your InputStream and
> writes to request body. Only thing is, you don't deal with the
> process of looping through your InputStream and writing to
> OutputStream (as u would do in HttpURLConnection).

> In short, the InputStream method does push the content, not
> pull it as u had assumed.

  I am not sure to follow...  Are you saying that because the
implementation of InputStreamEntity, at some point, writes to an
output stream, then the interface is a push interface instead of
a pull interface?  Frankly, that sounds quite weird to me, but I
have maybe missed something.

  But the point is not rhetorical, and the goal is to be able to
avoid to bufferize the output of the subsystem that actually
generates the entity content (to an output stream,) what would
be required only to give an InputStream, or a String as content.


Florent Georges


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