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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Submit HTTP requests and asynchronously receive HTTP responses
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 19:27:56 GMT
slytherine wrote:
> olegk wrote:
>> HttpCore is a toolkit of low level transport components one can use to 
>> build custom HTTP services. It does not provide support for HTTP proxies 
>> out of the box. You'll have to program it by yourself if you want to be 
>> able to send HTTP requests via a proxy using non-blocking HTTP stack.
>> There are plans to develop a full-blown HTTP client on top of HttpCore 
>> NIO, similar to the one based on classic (blocking) I/O. But this will 
>> happen only if more people are wiling to contribute to this effort.
>> Oleg
> Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for this detailed clarification. I'm
> sorry but my knowledge of http protocols is too limited to help you here. 
> I've made this changes in that example code and it worked well for me in the
> case of http and not in the case of https. when I tried the tragetHost with
> https it return the response as 302-Redirection.
> Is that something i need to do in the case of https communication?

Oh yes, you do. In order to support HTTPS communication via an HTTP 
proxy one needs to implement so called protocol tunneling as described 
in RFC2817


Believe me, this is FAR from being trivial when using non-blocking I/O.

  ioReactor.connect(new InetSocketAddress(proxyHost,proxyPort),null,
> httpTargetHost, callback);
> Also, I have few more queries.
> Is there any equivalent API's for NTCredentials and
> UsernamePasswordCredentials in 4.0?

In HttpClient 4.0


Hope this helps


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