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From sebb <seb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ntlm authentication
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 14:16:26 GMT
On 04/10/2008, Leo Wraith <haboreh@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  I have a Web application online running on a Linux server. I need to access files located
on a private network running Windows server. The client has given me a public IP which uses
port 8080 that I can use to access the reources that I need.
>  If I type the IP plus the port in IE like so: http://[my ip addres]:8080 I get the prompt
to enter the appropriate user and password. When I enter the user and password that were given
to me by the client, I'm able to access the directories that I need.
>  Now, I want to this from my application without user intervention. In other words, I
want to be able to pass the IP, port, userid and password from within my routine and then
access the necessary resources.
>  I've been working with several samples but the result is always the same. When I run
the JSP page, I get prompted for the userid and password.
>  Could you please take a look at the code snippet and give me a heads-up.
>      HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
>      // Set credentials on the client
>      Credentials credentials = new NTCredentials("userid", "password",
>                                                                           "",
>      //HttpState state = client.getState();
>      //state().setCredentials(null, null, credentials);
>      client.getState().setCredentials(null, null, credentials);
>      String url = "";
>      HttpMethod method = new GetMethod(url);
>      client.executeMethod(method);
>      // String responseStr = method.getResponseBodyAsString();
>      // System.out.println(responseStr);
>      // method.releaseConnection();
>      String redirectURL = "" ;
>      response.sendRedirect(response.encodeRedirectURL(redirectURL));

I assume that is not the real IP address...

>  Thanks so much for the help

Which version of HTTPClient are you using?

BTW, HTTPClient 3.x only ever supported NTLMv1, it does not support NTLMv2.

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