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From Sebastiaan van Erk <sebs...@sebster.com>
Subject Re: Preemptive auth and mixed auth types and alpha5
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 09:19:48 GMT

I'm still trying to get different types of authentication to work, this 
time I'm testing with Microsoft ISA Server 2006 (which seems pretty 
broken). I got basic to work with a ResponseInterceptor to pick of the 
auth from a successful small request preceding a large request, and then 
using preemptive from then on the large POSTS. However, I'm having 
trouble with DIGEST.

>> Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:
>>> HttpClient 4.0 can be customized to support preemptive authentication 
>>> using BASIC or DIGEST schemes. NTLM cannot be used preemptively in 
>>> principle.

Just to clarify my understanding: DIGEST can only be used preemptively 
when the server accepts the reuse of a previously used nonce right? That 
is, if the proxy server requires a new DIGEST challenge/response every 
request, then preemptive DIGEST auth will (by definition) fail?

>> Ok, I was afraid of that. Does that mean that I am forced to use 
>> expect/continue with non-repeatable requests?
> I am afraid so. Another alternative would be to execute a GET or a HEAD
> request to make sure credentials are OK before executing a POST with a
> large entity. The good thing about NTLM authentication scheme is that
> one has only to authenticate once. NTLM authentication is connection
> based. A persistent HTTP connection will retain its NTLM context as long
> as it remains open.

Ok, I'm testing with MS ISA 2006 as mentioned above. It seems to be very 
broken: when doing expect/continue it will *ALWAYS* respond 100 Continue 
when doing a POST, only to fail with a 407 the second you start sending 
data. This breaks non-repeatable POSTS with DIGEST authentication, and I 
can't use the preemptive DIGEST using authentication from a previous 
request, since ISA requires a new challenge/response on the every 
request (even in the same connection).

>>> The use of preemptive authentication is discouraged (or at least not 
>>> promoted). However, one can easily add  preemptive authentication 
>>> capabilities using custom protocol interceptors. See samples above.
>> Ok, I'll give the interceptors a shot. The reason I want (need?) 
>> preemptive authentication is because some proxies do not support 
>> expect/continue and I have non-repeatable posts (multi-megabyte size).
> An HTTP GET or HEAD preceding a POST with a large content entity is the
> way to go.

This works with NTLM (connection based), but not with DIGEST (at least 
on ISA). Do you have any ideas how to go about it with DIGEST?


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