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From "Adam Retter" <Adam.Ret...@landmarkinfo.co.uk>
Subject Httpclient 3.2 Threading problem
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 09:05:11 GMT
Hi Chaps,

I have a problem with HttpClient 3.2 and threading, either I am misusing
it or there is something awry.

My design is much like this (simplified) -

public abstract class absExternalSource {
	private final static private final static
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager connectionManager = new

	public HttpClient newClient()
		HttpClient client = new HttpClient(connectionManager);
		//do some config - i.e. proxy, user/agent etc etc

		return client;

I then have a number of classes that extend this abstract class, each
uses a http source to get some data, parses it and returns some sort of
data. I am very carefull to always call method.releaseConnection() in a
finally block for each method I execute.

Now from my main class I create a thread group, and start a thread for
each ExternalSource. I then wait for all of the threads to complete by
checking the ThreadGroups activeCount - e.g.

ThreadGroup tgExtSources = new ThreadGroup();
for(absExternalSource src : externalSources)
	new ExternalSourceThread(src, tgExtSources).start();

While(tgExtSources.activeCount > 0)

//all data collected from external sources

Now the problem is that the activeCount never reaches 0. All of my
external sources run their code and call method.releaseConnection() in
the finally block - but there is always a thread lingering which keeps
the tgExtSources.activeCount == 1. This thread is

Unfortunately that stops my application from ever completing, what is
this thread and whats it doing if anything? Considering that I have
released all the connections I would of thought it would complete?!?


Adam Retter

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