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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Wiki Addition
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2008 22:33:02 GMT
Quintin Beukes wrote:
> I'm only guessing, but it might help if I supply the URL to the guide:
> http://wiki.apache.org/HttpComponents/GeneralHttpCoreIntroduction


Great stuff! Many thanks for this contribution. I'll put a link to it on 
the project's web site after the 4.0-beta2 release.


> On 6/15/08, Quintin Beukes <quintin@last.za.net> wrote:
>> Hey,
>>  Like I promised, I started creating documentation for HttpComponents.
>>  I am creating them as I learn it while implementing it in my own
>>  software. Since my software is closed source, I have to make parallel
>>  classes which simply use HttpCore in a similar way.
>>  I also removed certain features, to allow splitting it into different
>>  wiki pages, each focussing on it's own specific topic, for example
>>  thread safety, or error handling, and so forth.
>>  Here it the first page, which discusses making a simple class that
>>  accepts a URL, and supplies interface to read the headers and content.
>>  If you can proofread it, tell me of any mistakes or errors I made.
>>  As I get the time I will continue making more pages. Improving the
>>  connection manager and error handling is what I'm currently busy with,
>>  so please let me know of obvious bad practise I'm doing in this guide.
>>  It's possible that the improvements focus on those, but it's also
>>  possible that I missed them. And those I've missed I would prefer to
>>  fix in this one already, since the ones I left in there on purpose are
>>  there for a reason (they don't really make the class dangerous, but
>>  they do open a door to create a page that focusses on why they are bad
>>  and how to do it properly, learning by example).
>>  Also, the wiki page:
>>  http://wiki.apache.org/HttpComponents/HelpOnParsers has an error on
>>  it. Where it discusses line numbering for source code parsers, it
>>  gives the example:
>>  ----
>>  (#FORMAT python start=10 step=10 numbering=on or #!python numbering=off).
>>  ----
>>  This should read (the option is numbers, not numbering):
>>  ----
>>  (#FORMAT python start=10 step=10 numbers=on or #!python numbers=off).
>>  ----
>>  Being an immutable page, I can't correct this myself.
>>  One more, I put the source code files, as separate sections on this
>>  page. Is there any way I can attach them, or is this not possible?
>>  --
>> Quintin Beukes

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