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From Vibhav Sharma <vib...@drishti-soft.com>
Subject HttpClient / Core 4.0 question
Date Thu, 22 May 2008 09:45:24 GMT

I have used HttpClient 3.x previously. It did not have the ability to do 
the following.

    * Client makes a chunked multipart request to server.
    * Server responds with a chunked response.
        * Client sends more data as part of the same request.
        * Server responds with more data in the same response.
    * till Server or Client closes connection.

Basically, treat it like a connection rather than just a 
request/response pair.

This is typically not how http works, but as far as I understand, the 
reference allows it. Also, in my particular case, there is no need for 
any cookie management etc. So I am supposing I'll be using HttpCore.
I have as yet not taken a look at it and will be doing as soon as 
possible. But may I ask whether HttpCore, now, covers such a scenario. 
(Had to implement/hack this completely last time :) )

Vibhav Sharma

Drishti-Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd
SCO-36, Sector 31
P: 91 124 5085120
F: 91 124 5039120
W: http://www.drishti-soft.com

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