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From Sebastiaan van Erk <sebs...@sebster.com>
Subject ChunkedOutputStream and flushing
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 19:55:04 GMT

I have a question on the chunked output stream: one of the nice things 
about chunked encoding is that you can send your data in little parts. 
However, flush() on ChunkedOutputStream does not flush the buffer:

      * Flushes the underlying stream, but leaves the internal buffer alone.
      * @throws IOException
     public void flush() throws IOException {

This is kind of against the spec of flush on OutputStream:

      * Flushes this output stream and forces any buffered output bytes
      * to be written out. The general contract of <code>flush</code> is
      * that calling it is an indication that, if any bytes previously
      * written have been buffered by the implementation of the output
      * stream, such bytes should immediately be written to their
      * intended destination.
      * ...

I was wondering what the motivation was behind disabling the flush() 
option? Generally if a client does not want to flush the data they won't 
call flush, which will cause all the chunks to attain the full chunk 
size anyway...


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