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From "Aaron Shettleroe" <aaron.shettle...@touchnet.com>
Subject Understanding Keepalive
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 13:00:01 GMT
I'm using a packet sniffer to determine if keepalive is working.  It
seems that the keepalive functionality has only a small window before
the server will close the connection.  I'm using Oracle Application
Server 10g which is built on Apache 1.3.  Keepalive is on by default and
the log shows that the connection could be reused. logformat %c.

According to the packet sniffer, after a successdful POST request, about
3-4s later the server sends a TCP/IP FIN.  Is this 3-4s delay the only
time I have to send a new request to reuse the connection?
Is this typcially behavior for keepalive connections?  Or is this an
Apache server function?
Thank you.

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