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From sha...@zeptoverse.com
Subject Resetting connections
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 01:52:58 GMT
For a new project we're going to start using the Apache httpclient. One of the things I've
had trouble with in prior systems is that long-running services get into states where they
stop operating correctly. The solution was usually to throw away the old socket and connection
objects and create new ones(discard and recreate always worked, more graceful methods didn't).

What I don't see in the HttpClient / HttpConnection / HttpConnectionManager is the facility
to remove a specific connection from a connection pool and create a new one (assuming the
others are working okay). Is this handled entirely within the HttpConnectionManager based
on socket state and the type of error, or is there something additional I should do for a
long-running service? (By "long-running service", I'm referring to a service that should run
years without intervention or restart, though "years" in this case is more accurately measured
in months.)

Sorry if this is a basic question, I haven't been able to find the answer elsewhere or in
the tutorials.

-- Shawn

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