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From "Joseph Jupin" <joe.ju...@fe77.com>
Subject Problem with HttpClient and cookies...
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 17:10:09 GMT
Oh, the dreaded matching Cookies when calling a post to a site that's 
looking for them.  Unfortunately, I've fallen into this trap and need 
a little help getting out - maybe with a few pointers somewhere, 

Okay, first off - yes, I've read the documentation for newbies, the 
quick start and have even dug into the src code for HttpClient - hell, 
I even overloaded a few of the classes (CookieSpec and Cookie) to get 
my call to recognize the cookies being set.  It's all been for naught 
- sort of...

Here's the gist of the problem:

Cookies are not enabled on your browser. Please adjust this in your 
security preferences before continuing

yep - that's what I get back no matter what I do now.  yes, I make 
sure the cookies look like a valid session from a browser.  I've gone 
into firefox and pulled out all the cookies made for this domain - and 
mimic'd each and every one.

Yes, I've tried emulating different Browsers.  My current one is set 
to Mozilla 5.0.

I've gotten rid of the dread httpOnly tag by re-writing the 
CookieSpecBase class to ignore this parameter.  From what I can tell, 
the site only sends it - it never tries to recover it - and the cookie 
itself doesn't even seem to store it as an attribute of the session.

So, has anyone else seen this message - or could maybe direct me to 
possible solutions?

The next thing I'm going to try is to attach a mechanism to watch how 
the cookie is formatted coming down and installed on a browser and see 
if it differs much from mine - and - vice versa - how the cookie looks 
going up and seeing if I match it.

many, many thanx for reading my partial rant/ plea for help!


peace.  JOe...

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