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From "Christiaan Lamprecht" <christiaanw...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: SSL and concurrency
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 16:02:30 GMT
Thanks for the quick reply!

> Yes, every thread obtains it's own connection from MTHCM, every
> (HTTP) connection opens a new SSL connection with a separate
> SSL session.

Is it correct to assume that for every (HTTP) connection, mentioned
above, only 1 request can be made at a time and that the requests can
be part of the same connection if keep-alive is used (But of course
multiple HTTP connections can still be made in parallel) If this is
true then it most probably is for SSL.

> Maybe somebody else can provide the missing pieces.

It might also help if I quickly describe some of the problem:

Lets say I'm writing a client to benchmark a server and I want the
client to maintain a load of x req/s on the server. Lets say I use
MTHCM to make a request every 1/x seconds, the threads ensure that the
request rate I want is maintained regardless of what happens on the
server side and so I can say that the server can handle a request rate
of x req/s with an average request response time of y seconds.

Now using a new thread for every request is quite expensive for the
server, lets say this is mainly due to the new SSL connection that is
created for every thread, and I would like to make multiple requests
per SSL connection as well. This is fine as, as long as keep-alive is
enabled I can make more than one request per SSL connection BUT these
requests are sequential and so I can't maintain my requested request
rate if the server does not respond within 1/x seconds.

Now on a more fine grained scale, the server might respond more
quickly to some requests and slower to others but still on average
manage to serve all the requests quicker than I send them (i.e it can
handle that particular load) but I would like a guaranteed req/s on
the client side and not have it intermittently stop sending requests
because of this.

Thank you for reading this far!


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