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From Florent Blondeau <fblond...@pingwy.com>
Subject [GlassFish] Using HttpClient from within an App server
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:50:37 GMT
Hi there,

I'm using HttpClient to make a lot of connexions to different servers.
I want to design my App as well as possible, and I've got some questions 
HttpClient design principles.
I'm using the WorkManager API (JSR 233) in Glassfish to create works ( 1 
work = 1 httpclient connection)
that are consumed by a thread pool. All that stuff with threads is done 
by the server (I use
CommonWorkManager from Sun).

My question is :
As I can't create threads directly in the App server, I can't use the 
Does somebody have an idea or an advice about the implementation of a
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager that would use the Work Manager, or 
be used in the
Work Manager ?
[Warning: this question is really dumb->] Can I use as many HttpClient 
instances as the number of
threads I have (about 5000) ?

Thanks for your advices, and for opening the discussion (that would make 
my ideas clearer...)



27, rue des arènes
49100 Angers

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