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From Roland Weber <ROLWE...@de.ibm.com>
Subject RE: HTTPS Certification problem
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2007 12:09:31 GMT
Hello Dhanushka,

> Ok. But still can you help me out. I just need a way to point to a given
> trustStore dynamically. 

If anyone following this mailing list was familiar enough
with SSL to help you, you would have gotten better answers
long ago. We're not, you won't. Please locate a forum that
addresses Java SSL, JSSE, javax.net.ssl and similar topics.
Then implement an SSL layer that updates certificates as
needed by your application. Finally, wrap that code in a
SecureProtocolSocketFactory and put HttpClient on top of
it. We can help you with the latter, but not the former.

best regards,

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