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From "Jens Goerke" <Jens.Goe...@mobilcom.de>
Subject [HttpClient.java] HttpParams
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 11:52:42 GMT

When calling HttpClient via Axis the previously set HttpParams (http.connection.timeout and
http.socket.timeout) get replaced by some arbitrary defaults (600000 ms) I've yet to find

Axis uses HttpClient(this.connectionManager), so it's the HttpClient(HttpConnectionManager
httpConnectionManager) case, which contains the line "private HttpClientParams = null".

Since I'm more familiar with more traditional programming languages I'm trying to figure out
where those timeout parameters are set to 10 minutes and how to set the defaults to values
actually suited for this task.

In axis-1_4/src/org/apache/axis/transport/http/CommonsHTTPSender.java the parameters are set
correctly by "initialize":
[07.05.07 15:36:09.202] (DEBUG) [DefaultHttpParams]: Set parameter http.connection.timeout
= 20001
[07.05.07 15:36:09.203] (DEBUG) [DefaultHttpParams]: Set parameter http.socket.timeout = 20003

...but get overwritten during "invoke":
[07.05.07 15:36:09.454] (DEBUG) [DefaultHttpParams]: Set parameter http.socket.timeout = 600000
[07.05.07 15:36:09.455] (DEBUG) [DefaultHttpParams]: Set parameter http.connection.timeout
= 600000

I've tried setting them within "invoke", but to no avail, so I looked deeper into "HttpClient.java"
and was stumped by "private HttpClientParams = null".

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,
Jens Goerke
Jens Goerke, Unix-Systeme HA/SAN, mobilcom Communicationstechnik GmbH, Hollerstr. 126, 24782
jens.goerke@freenet.ag, Tel: +49-(0)4331-69-5505 Fax: +49-(0)4331-69-5588
Geschäftsführung: Eckhard Spoerr, Stephan Brauer, Christoph Steffens
Sitz: Schleswig, Amtsgericht Flensburg HRB 0794 SL

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