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From "Boquan Xie" <quanxi...@hotmail.com>
Subject Too many file descriptors in TIME_WAIT state
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 21:02:23 GMT


I am a new user of HttpClient and I am trying to do a performance test which 
including httpclient requests.

I have serveral threads constantly sending requests and getting responses. 
In the main thread, I keep a multithreadedhttpconnectionManager and a 
httpClient. the instance of the httpclient is passed to each thread.

    MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager connectionMgr = new 
    HttpClient hClient = new HttpClient();
    hClient.getHostConfiguration().setHost("sottamlab1", 9300, "http");

in each of threads:

   while (true)
      PostMethod postMethod = new 

      postMethod.addRequestHeader("soapaction", "someaction");
      postMethod.addRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml");


      InputStream is = postMethod.getResponseBodyAsStream();


After a very short time ( < 1 min ), running the program with 3 threads, a 
large number of file descriptors is left at state TIME_WAIT in tcpview. is 
this normal ? It seems to me that httpclient/multithreadedHttpClientManager 
didnot reuse the connections for me. Am I missing something in the code ?

if I run the program with 1 thread, the problem of large number of file 
descriptors in TIME_WAIT state doesnot happen.

Please help !

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