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From Jeff Davis <je...@mavnet.com>
Subject Re: HttpClient and AOL
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 03:49:49 GMT

I've built exactly that with httpclient already.  The best thing to do 
is to use either Ethereal (free), or HttpAnalyzer (free 30 day trial) to 
capture the packets sent by your browser when accessing your contact 
list normally.   You can then use that info to compare what your packets 
look like when running through your code (again capture them with one of 
the products mentioned).

In general you'll need to use Browser compability for the cookie mode, 
and then let httpclient's cookie handling handle those for you.  I don't 
recall the specifics to logging in to AOL off the top of my head, but 
can go back through the code I have that is working if you need anything 
more specific.

Good Luck,

frank@myfriendsuggests.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to write a java class that will in essence log me in to an aol account (providing
user name/password) and grab the contact list.  I see there are lots of tools to buy out there
that claim to do this but I want to try to do it myself.
> I've used Fiddler to try to see what is going back and forth to the client but can't
seem to get the login portion working.  Does anyone have experience doing this or something
like it such that they can gave me some tips?
> Thanks,
> Frank

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