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From John-Paul Delaney ...@artprocess.com>
Subject RE: Newbie: Simple example doesn't compile
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 15:50:41 GMT

Hello Roland... I did try again with a stripped-down classpath and ensuring all
dependencies but still didn't have any luck.  Following your suspicion though,
I moved over onto a server and the there code compiles without a problem.  So
I'm going ahead with my experiments there and leaving my troublesome client out
of the picture - my aim with HttpClient is to do a digest authentication to an
app running on a windows box from a java servlet on linux.  I'm sure I'll be
back bothering the list again quite soon. :-)

Thanks for your help


Quoting Roland Weber <ROLWEBER@de.ibm.com>:

> Hello John-Paul,
> > This is where the exception occurs:
> >
> >       int statusCode = client.executeMethod(method);
> >
> >
> > and this is the exception message:
> >
> >  HttpClientTutorial.java:26: cannot resolve symbol symbol  : method
> >  executeMethod (org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethod)
> >  location: class com.justatest.test.HttpClientTutorial
> >        int statusCode = client.executeMethod(method);
> This message looks somehow wrong. I would expect a message that the
> symbol can not be found "in class o.a.c.h.HttpClient" rather than
> locally. Check the version of HttpClient you're using, make sure it
> is 3.0.x or 3.1-RC1. Make sure that there is only one version of
> HttpClient among the classes available to the compiler. Make sure
> all dependencies for HttpClient are in the classpath.
> > I thought it was the usual jar not in the classpath problem
> Then the compiler would have complained about the import statement.
> good luck,
>   Roland

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