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From "Rodrigues, Reeve - PA \(Consultant\)" <Reeve.Rodrig...@gmacm.com>
Subject RE: question about following redirects
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 17:21:48 GMT
Hi Roland
  Sorry for the confusion 

>Have you enabled or disabled automatic redirects? In other words, do
>you have a problem with the default behavior of HttpClient, or one in
>your application?

I have enabled redirects, it works fine from the post. 

>Do you get that problem when executing the POST, or when doing
the followup GET? 

No problems from the post, the post return the status code of 302, which
is the redirect I need to follow

>Is the "Method failed" a message from your code?
It's the message from the code, it's the status line from the post
message , as usually u look for 200 for success . I did not update that
to infer redirection 

>320 is not a defined status code. Message "Found" is assigned to status
>code 302.

Oops!! Sorry for soo many newbie mistakes , I do apologise once again as
it made it difficult for you to help me.

>Servers are required to send absolute URLs in a redirect, but
>many don't. If you've tried to send a GET request to a relative
>URL, this is the what you might see. You have to resolve the
>relative URL manually.

Ahh!! This is the culprit the relative url, Thank you. I have never
attempted resolving url? Do I take the host info and append the relative
url ? Should that do the trick? But what the session id? 

Thank for your help

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