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From "Karl Harbour" <k_harb...@hotmail.co.uk>
Subject Re: Problem with HttpConnectionManagerParams.setSoTimeout not timing out
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 11:58:08 GMT
Hi Roland,

Thanks for your swift response.

The machine I am testing on is not using SOCKS. I don't think any of our 
customers are using SOCKS either.

I have not tried setting the timeout on the method parameters yet. What I 
have decided to do is build my own version of 3.0.1 with added logging and 
diagnosis. (Isn't open source great!)

Specifically, I have added a log message in HttpMethodBase.execute to log 
conn.getSocket().getSoTimeout() immediately before writeRequest and  
readResponse, and also in HttpMethodDirector.executeWithRetry when the 
connection is opened. I also created a little thread class that will dump 
all socket parameters when a certain file exists, so that when my process 
blocks I can see the timeout that is in effect.

I am at a loss for what else to do, but I would appreciate any further 
advice or suggestions you (or anyone else) might have.

One extra piece of information that I left out in my initial email is that, 
the last time this happened, kill -QUIT caused SocketTimeoutException to be 
thrown. I think this makes it more likely that this is a native code 
problem. (I don't think this happened before though.)

Thanks again,


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