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From "Lasse Koskela" <lasse.kosk...@gmail.com>
Subject HTTPS connections over a proxy
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 13:45:09 GMT

I'm facing a problem with getting HttpClient to connect to a HTTPS URL
through a proxy when using the EasySSLProtocolSocketFactory.

For example, when I connect to "https://www.verisign.com" through a
proxy with the out-of-the-box configuration, everything works fine.
However, I need to connect to another server through the same proxy
and that other server has a self-signed certificate (it's a test

Originally I did the following:

    ProtocolSocketFactory socketFactory = new EasySSLProtocolSocketFactory();
    Protocol protocol = new Protocol("https", socketFactory, 443);
    Protocol.registerProtocol(protocol.getScheme(), protocol);

...and everything worked--both against verisign.com and against the
test server with a self-signed certificate. However, now they're both
behind a HTTP proxy and the EasySSLProtocolSocketFactory doesn't seem
to cut it anymore.

What options do I have?


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