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From <oh...@cox.net>
Subject Re: How to set http.protocol.single-cookie-header parameter non-programmatically
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
> Jim, I am terribly sorry for having misled you. I just realized this 
> approach would not work with HttpClient 3.x. I am stuck too deeply in 
> the HttpClient 4.0 code. The only option to change the way 'Cookie' 
> headers are generated in HttpClient 3.x is by subclassing HttpMethodBase 
> and overriding #addCookieRequestHeader method [1], which is of little 
> help in your situation. HttpClient 4.0 will have a more flexible cookie 
> API but as far as HttpClient 3.x is concerned I can't think of any 
> workaround.
> Sorry.


Thanks for getting back.  Hopefully this will not be a problem, but at least now I know that
there's nothing that I can do from my end.  Now that I do know that, I'm going to have to
work this problem from a couple different angles.  

I'm working with two different COTS products, and the first problem was that the applet from
one vendor was sending the multiple "Cookie:" headers per HTTP request.

The requests from the applet go to an Apache webserver (proxy), and Apache is combining the
two "Cookie:" headers into a single "Cookie:" header, but it is putting a comma (",") between
the cookie strings from the original two "Cookie:" headers.

>From my research, it seems that there's been a bit of debate about comma vs. semi-colon
when combining "Cookie:" headers, but, in any event, the combined "Cookie:" header with the
comma is causing another, second COTS product a problem, because when they try to extract
"their" cookie string from the combined header, the ending comma is causing this latter product
to thrown an exception when it tries to Base64-decode the extracted cookie string.

So, I'm going to have to try to get either the 1st vendor to change their applet code to set
the http.protocol.single-cookie-header to true, or get the 2nd vendor to modify their code
to accept either a semi-colon or comma as the cookie separator.

The "joys of integration" :)!!!

Question: Obviously, I actually haven't been able try the 'http.protocol.single-cookie-header=true",
but is my understanding of what that parameter does correct, i.e., if it is set to true, that
the "Cookie:" headers sent by the applet (via HttpClient) would then be combined into a single
"Cookie:" header?

Also, if this parameter will cause the "Cookie:" headers to be combined, do you know what
the separator character will be (i.e., a comma, or a semi-colon) between the original cookie

Thanks again!


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