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From Richard Suematsu <richa...@syncadd.com>
Subject WebStart
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 20:08:22 GMT
I have a WebStart application that I'm trying to switch to HttpClient.  
WebStart, starting with Java 1.5, will get certificates out of the 
keystore of the web browser like internet explorer.  I have both client 
and server-side authentication turned on.

It appears that HttpClient is not getting the CA certificates out of the 
browser, but the client certificate is fine.

When used with URLConnection, the WebStart application works fine.

If I import the CA's into the JRE it works fine, but this is not good 
for deployment.

If I try the use the Easy509yadayadaTrustManager, then the server side 
is authenticated because it ignores the CA, but then I lose the 
client-side certificate.  I think this is because I create my own socket 
and replace the one given to me, but I'm not sure.

In case anyone is wondering, the URLConnection doesn't work for me 
because URLConnection doesn't maintain state, so on every connection, 
the user is asked which certificate they want to use (they have multiple 


Richard Suematsu
SynCaDD Systems, Inc.

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