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From Graeme Rouse <gra...@arizonabay.com>
Subject Recovering a connection from an unresponsive host
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 20:33:27 GMT
Hi All,

This is my first post on this list. Although I've been looking  
through the archives, I could not find an answer to my specific  
problem, so here goes...

I've attempted this with both the stable (3.0.1) and current  
(3.1beta1) version of the httpclient binaries.

I have been trying to determine how to correctly set the timeout  
parameters in order to limit the connection time and force the code  
below to complete within a maximum amount of time.

The host that I'm connecting to may be intermittently available. The  
httpclient code works in situations where the host responds in a  
reasonable amount of time, but if the host is unavailable the thread  
hangs, potentially forever, or at least a long enough for this to  
cause problems when attempting to scale the code to use hundreds of  
connections in several minutes.

my code:

final int SOCKET_TIMEOUT = 1000;
final int CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = 1000;
long start = System.currentTimeMillis();

HttpClient httpclient = new HttpClient();
GetMethod httpget = new GetMethod( UNREACHABLE_HOST );
httpget.getParams().setSoTimeout( SOCKET_TIMEOUT );
httpget.getParams().setParameter( "http.connection.timeout",  
httpget.getParams().setParameter( "http.method.retry-handler", new  
DefaultHttpMethodRetryHandler( 0, false ) );
try {
	httpclient.executeMethod( httpget );
	InputStream instream = httpget.getResponseBodyAsStream();
} catch( IOException ioe) {
} finally {
long time = System.currentTimeMillis() - start;
System.out.println( "Took " + time + "ms" );

I presumed that a socket timeout would ensure that the call to  
httpclient.execute() will return or throw an exception after  
sock_timeout ms. However, my tests of this code show that varying  
sock_timeout has no effect on the time spend in  
httpclient.executeMethod( httpget ) which is consistently 75s (when  
the host is unresponsive, of course). I tried varying conn_timeout as  
well, with similar results.

I have also attempted to run similar code in its own thread and using  
a separate timer, call httpget.abort(); httpget.releaseConnection().  
This doesn't change the behavour of the program: the thread still  
hangs for 75s.

In fact, the only progress I've had on this has been to set the  
http.method.retry-handler parameter so that the connection is not  
retried after it hits the first 75s timeout. It occurs to me that  
this 75s limit is really the timeout I want to adjust.

Am I incorrectly interpreting the use of the http.socket.timeout  
parameter? Is there an alternate way to guarantee that the thread  
never spends more than a certain amount of time in the  
httpclient.executeMethod() function? Is there a way to adjust the 75s  
timeout that I'm hitting here? Or is there a way to force the  
connection to release?

Thanks in advance,


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