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From jasmine.bhut...@tcs.com
Subject Re: Too many files open under heavy load
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 13:51:43 GMT

Thanks for your suggestion!
I think I can use nestat command in Windows XP as well and I saw that I am 
getting more than 2 connections. So, this problem is solved but can 
increasing connections really result into better bandwidth utilization?

Also, I have set max and min java heap memory to same value.
One more question-
While file is being transferred through PUT method of HTTPClient APIs, 
currently 4096 bytes of data is being transferred in one go.
What is the maximum limit on the buffer that can be transferred in one go 
without loss? How can we decide maximum limit on it? Does it depend on 
bandwidth or any other network parameters?
Thanks and Regards,


   Checking on the number of open connections depends on your operating
system. For linux, use netstat. Check the connections on both the client
and the server.


   As for your heap settings with JVM, yes, these can make a difference
in performance. In particular, I have found that setting the initial and
max heap sizes to the same value will help performance. This helps the
JVM avoid growing and shrinking the heap dynamically, and all of the
garbage collection that goes along with heap management. Just set the
initial and max heap values to as much as you can allocate on your
machine without impacting other applications on the machine.




From: jasmine.bhutada@tcs.com [mailto:jasmine.bhutada@tcs.com] 
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 7:29 AM
To: httpclient-user@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: Fw: Too many files open under heavy load


Hello Everybody, 

I am facing some performance issues with my application. 
My application uses HTTPClient APIs and it is a filetransfer application
(which uploads/downloads the files to/from server). 
It is deployed on weblogic 9.1. 
Client is complaining that my application is not using bandwidth
effectively and I have been using default number of connections till
So, I just thought that as max no of connections per host (by default)
is 2 , which is very less and bcos of that other users may be waiting
just bcos of less number of connections are available. 
So, if I try to increase number of connections, it should increase the
number of users serviced and in turn bandwidth utilization should
But, I am confused here.  I am using following code to set max number of
connections/host and total max connections but Is there any setting that
I need to do in weblogic 9.1 to increase the number of connections or by
default it should serv 50-100 connections? 
Also, how can I check number of connections used, any simple way ? 

httpConnectionManager = new MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager(); 
tion.ANY_HOST_CONFIGURATION, 50);  //code by Jasmine for bandwidth

Also, will increasing heap memory of JVM in weblogic improve
I have been stucked at this place and need your help badly. 

Please share your experiences......... 
Thanks in Advance.... 

Thanks and Regards,
Jasmine Nandkishore Bhutada
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Mailto: jasmine.bhutada@tcs.com
Website: http://www.tcs.com 

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