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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: HTTP CALDAV extensions: REPORT etc
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2006 06:27:34 GMT
Hi Sebastian,

> A JMeter user is testing a CALDAV server, and would like to use the
> proposed HTTP REPORT method.
> Just wondering if there are any plans to add the new methods to HttpClient?

I've never heard of it so far. We concentrate on the methods defined
in the HTTP specification (RFC 2616). WEBDAV defines some more, and
CALDAV is an extension to WEBDAV, as a quick search told me :-)

It's not hard to implement new methods in application code. Pick the
existing one that most closely matches in behaviour, usually GET if
no body is sent with the request, POST or POT if there is a request
entity. Derive the XxxMethod and override HttpMethod.getName():
HttpClient should be able to handle a 207 response code. You'll run
into problems with automatic redirects if additional response codes
for redirects are defined.

With just Oleg and me working on HttpClient and HttpComponents,
I don't see built-in support for WEBDAV methods (RFC 2518, RFC 3253)
coming to HttpClient 3.x. Once we're through with the HttpComponents
refactoring and have an HttpClient 4.0, we'll surely consider to add
support for those methods. It's already been somewhere down there at
the remote end of my to-do-if-we-ever-make-it-that-far list. After all,
we'll need reasons for users to upgrade to the new code base :-)

Of course, if somebody contributes a patch for WEBDAV support...
At least the contrib package is open for such extensions.

hope that helps,

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