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From "Julius Davies" <juliusdav...@cucbc.com>
Subject commons-ssl update (commons-ssl-0.3.0 released)
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 02:48:41 GMT

Here's an update on commons-ssl.  Hope no one minds.

I finally got around to setting up CVS, so I'm able to do "releases" now.  Decided to call
the first release "commons-ssl-0.3.0".

I've also added support for doing RMI over SSL:

import org.apache.commons.ssl.RMISocketFactoryImpl;

// RMISocketFactoryImpl tries to detect plain sockets, so you should be able
// to use this even in situations where not all of the RMI servers you
// are talking to are using SSL.
RMISocketFactoryImpl impl = new RMISocketFactoryImpl();

// Here's where we tell Java to use our new RMI socket factory!
RMISocketFactory.setSocketFactory( impl );

Have high hopes for lots of additional stuff in the future.  These are some ideas I'm thinking

- Hope to support old style ssleay format encrypted (and plain) rsa keys.

- Hope to support pkcs8 format rsa keys.

- NotQuiteSoEasySSLProtocolSocketFactory will trust any server The First Time, and store that
server's cert on disk for future accesses.

- TrustMaterial's that automatically reload themselves if the underlying certificates have
changed (based on timestamp).  This should make updating a running applications easier when
certs come close to expiry.

Also trying to find some people to help me out.  




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