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From "leung cc" <dksle...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: Error in executing PostXML sample application
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 02:34:51 GMT
> ....
>I have the C:\Cld\myJava in my classpath. i have downloaded the following
>dependencies  -
>Unzipped them and have the folders in my C:\Cld\myJava folder.
>However now I cannot even compile the PostXML.java. I get an error message
>saying it cannot find the Httpclient classes.
>I tried " javac -classpath C:\cld\myJava PostXML.java " from the command
>prompt and get the following errors. Nothing I do will find these classes.

Well, if you had simply unzipped those zip's, you are likely to have 
directories named <package>-<version> under c:\cld\myjava and that won't do 
you good if javac only tried to find org/apache/commons/httpclient/.... in 
c:\cld\myjava. Anyway, unless you absolutely must have it that way, why not 
make the jar's available somewhere in the CLASSPATH or even 
$java_home/lib/ext and $java_home/jre/lib/ext (sorry, I hate to write 
%java_home%... :)  ?

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