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From "Safwan Kamarrudin" <shaihu...@alumni.cmu.edu>
Subject Re: Re: Buffered HttpResponse
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2006 11:23:32 GMT
On 8/20/06, Roland Weber <http-async@dubioso.net> wrote:
> Are you talking about buffering in the client or in the server?
> Are you talking about a progress bar at the client or at the server?

The answer to both questions is the server side.

> This looks like server side. A user interface on the server side?

Yes, I'm developing a peer-to-peer file sharing utility (where every
peer is both a client and a server), hence the need to show all active
uploads and their transfer progress.

> > Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(fSharedFile.length())));
> That's an awfully complex way to turn a long into an int.

Yeah, I agree. I'm sure there's a much better way of achieving it :).

> I don't see the point in buffering a file entity. File entities use
> their own buffer in writeTo().

This is exactly what I was trying to figure out. I wasn't sure whether
the buffering should be done while constructing the response or in the
Entity itself. I scoured the list of documentation to no avail. I also
did go through the source in order to understand the code structure,
also to no avail.

> You do NOT use a data transmitter directly! At least not if you
> want to talk HTTP. You use a HttpServerConnection that knows how
> to send the status line and response headers before sending the
> response body.

I see. I was trying out so many different things and they simply
didn't work. Out of frustration I decided to try the most fundamental
thing that the API provides, hence the aforementioned code.

> Here is my advice, assuming you want a progress bar on the server side:
> 1. throw away the code snippet above

Will do.

> 2. study class ElementalHttpServer from the examples to understand
>    how files are served:
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/jakarta/httpcomponents/httpcore/tags/4.0-alpha2/src/examples/org/apache/http/examples/ElementalHttpServer.java

I did use the above example as a starting point, and keep building on
top of it.

> 3. implement file serving without progress bar, based on what you've
>    seen in ElementalHttpServer

Will do.

> 4. derive your own FileEntityWithProgressBar from the FileEntity,
>    overriding the writeTo() method to update the progress bar

This is exactly what I've been looking for.

> hope that helps,
>   Roland

Thanks a lot Roland, I'm sure it does.

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