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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: Cookie and Post Issue..
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 13:36:21 GMT
Hello Henry,

somehow you utterly fail to make it clear to me what
your system architecture looks like. So let's take
this in smaller steps.

1. What are the components in your system architecture?

So far you mentioned servlets, which means there is
an application server. You mentioned PHP "connecting"
to the servlets - is this PHP running in the application
server and calling into the servlet engine, or is there
HTTP communication between a server running PHP and an
application server running servlets that use HttpClient?
I assume there is also a browser calling to PHP, and
the backend server you are connecting to with HttpClient.

2. What components are interacting by what means?

Is this a straight chain, browser to PHP to servlet
to backend, with HTTP used in each step? Something else,
somewhere? Or is the browser supposed to contact the
backend directly, after the servlet does some initial
preparations? (which would be bound to fail)
Are there redirects between several of your servlets?
(you mentioned a separate servlet for JAAS authentication)

3. What sessions exist in your system?

Browser to PHP? Browser to application server?
PHP to application server? servlet to backend?
Browser to backend?
Authentication anywhere?

4. What is the sequence of events you want to achieve?

Browser calling PHP, PHP calling servlet, servlet
calling backend to login, servlet calling backend
to obtain something, servlet responding to PHP,
PHP responding to client?

5. Where does this sequence come from?

Is it something you can replicate with a browser? Or
are you implementing a new, complex application meant
only to be used from your servlets and designed this
sequence from scratch? Is the backend server under
your control, or is it somebody else's server?

6. Where does this sequence fail, for what reason?

Is login to the backend failing? Is the session cookie
from the backend lost? Is the backend sending redirects
that are not correctly processed? Do you have to store
cookies from the backend in the servlet's session
and fail to find them again on the next request from
the browser or PHP server?

7. How is HttpClient used?

Is there on HttpClient (with SimpleConnectionManager)
per service thread? One per servlet session? One shared
between all sessions (with MultiThreadedConnectionManager)?

It may well be that some of these questions could be
answered by analyzing the code snippets you have sent.
But I'm not going to spend my time with interpreting
your code, be it Java or PHP. If you want me to help
you, please give me a precise abstract description of
what you want to achieve and where/why it fails.


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