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From denizen <netdeni...@gmail.com>
Subject SocketTimeoutException
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 22:53:59 GMT
I've researched this to the point of exhaustion and i'm not sure what
to do with the error that i'm seeing.  I have a java app that uses
httpclient.  I've run and compiled it with many (i've been working on
this problem for a week) different combinations of java runtimes, sdks
and platforms.

I have reduced the code down to a small amount of code that downloads
a file from a single server and saves it to the local hard drive.  The
file is 500k in size...

The basic issue is this:  the code works perfectly and even flawlessly
on all my test platforms except two.  An XP machine using 1.4.2_04 and
a Mac iBook running apple's own java 1.3.1.  On both of these machines
I get a SocketTimeoutException when reading the file and writing it to
disk.  I've turned on debug logging and it gets through about 100k of
the file before it times out.

I have played with the timeout settings...no matter what the setting,
it will eventually timeout unless i don't set a timeout and then it

I have tried downloading the same file using other methods on the same
machine (IE, Firefox, etc)  These all work fine.

I have tried different combinations of getResponseBody() and
getResponseBodyAsStream() and so on...i've tried closing the
connection before I write the file, i've tried not writing the file at
all...it still timesout on the network read.

I'm now thinking about implementing byte ranges in http to get the
entire file but i've got the distinct impression that i'm missing

It seems like others might be having similar problems from my google
searches but the threads meander and ultimately don't result in
anything other than the obvious "set the timeout value" advice.

I can't just ignore these machines because we have customers that are
having the same problems so I have to identify this issue and fix it
if possible but I don't know where to go from here.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


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