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From Lothar Krenzien <lkrenz...@web.de>
Subject error displaying response from HTTPClient
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 11:49:54 GMT
Hi there,

I'm using HTTPClient to send a request from on servlet to another servlet on the same host.
The request can be a POST or a GET request. I know that the second servlet returns the right
data. The first servlet also retrieves the right data but the client (browser) displays alsways
an 405 error ("HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL") !  So what I'm doing wrong ?

Here's my servlet:

-- projectA.TransferDataServlet
protected void doGet .. {

byte[] forwardedData = RequestHelper.doGet(params, url);
String forwardedDataString = new String(forwardedData);
// this is the original code
/*outStream = response.getOutputStream();
// just a try
writer = response.getWriter();

-- RequestHelper
private static final HttpClient client = new HttpClient();

public static byte[] doGet(NameValuePair[] params, String url) throws IOException, AppException
  GetMethod method = new GetMethod(url);
 // send to sampleB.DataLoggerGate
  int statusCode = client.executeMethod(method); 
  byte[] response = getInputStreamData(method.getResponseBodyAsStream());
  String responseBody = new String(response);
  if (statusCode != HttpStatus.SC_OK ) {
  return response;

-- projectB.DataLoggerGate
protected void doGet ... {

 String dataOutput = ...

  /*ServletOutputStream outStream = response.getOutputStream();
// just a try
 PrintWriter writer = response.getWriter();

I can see that forwardedDataString in the TransferDataServlet.doGet method caontains the right
data but the browser gets only error 405.
I know the UrlRewriteFilter  package (http://tuckey.org/urlrewrite/). But between different
projects only redirection is supported. And because the servlet clients don't support redirection
I need transparently forward the request to another URL and only returning the result data
back to the client.

HTTP client 3.0 + Java 5

Thanks, Lothar
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