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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: How do you simulate clicking on a hyperlink?
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 08:19:59 GMT
Hi Jerry,

> The website will not allow me to go to page 2 without first going to page  1. 

It didn't expect it to. That's why I recommend two fetches. The first fetch
means "goto page 1", the second fetch means "goto page 2".

>  If I try to go directly to page 2 or do the two "fetches" that you  suggest 
> (using GetMethod()), I get a Security Error - "Invalid linkage."

Please be more specific about the error you get. Is it a response sent back
by the server? Is it an exception you get from Java? Something else? Do you
get it when fetching page 1 or page 2?
I've never heard of an "Invalid Linkage" error being sent back by a server.
If it's a Java exception, then it has to do with your environment and not
with the behavior of the server.

> Does this 
> mean it is impossible to use a Java Application to get to the "login2"  page 
> and that I must use a browser?

No, it just means you did something wrong. Please provide a better
description of the problem and of your application. Are you implementing
a standalone Java application? A servlet? An applet? Did you check your
CLASSPATH settings? Do you have multiple, different versions of HttpClient
in your CLASSPATH? Did you successfully run the tutorial in your environment?


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