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From Oliver Köll <...@newbase.de>
Subject Cancelling HttpMethods
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 16:55:14 GMT

Happy New Year to all, and congratulations for the 3.0 release.

I'm working on a GUI program, where HttpMethods are executed on the 
request of the user. As e.g. in a Webbrowser, I would like to enable 
unpatient users to cancel requests that take too long.

I currently don't see any possibilities to cancel a running request from 
  a separate thread, though. Neither HttpMethod.abort() nor 
Thread.interrupt() have any effect. The only remaining option appears to 
be pushing pending requests in the background and letting them 
terminate/timeout silently. I'd be interested in hearing how other 
people are dealing with this issue...

While thinking about this problem, I'm having problems understanding the 
purpose of the HttpMethod.abort() method. It clearly isn't intended for 
use from separate threads because no synchronization is performed. But 
if abort() should only be called from the executing thread, I don't see 
the point - why not just stop processing a request and call 
releaseConnection() immediately?

Any help would be appreciated.


Oliver Köll

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