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From "Ingo Meyer" <dj-sl...@gmx.net>
Subject proxy multithreaded problem
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 08:52:26 GMT


I'm new here and this is my first question...

I want to use httpclient for downloading a big amount of pages all about 80k
from several servers of our company around the world.
This works great with httpclient.
But now I'm adviced to use proxies and this works very bad. I need about 300
connections simultaniously and the speed decrease very much until it stops
The difference between with and without proxies is 50-100x, >100k without p.
and <5k with proxies.

I have a static instance of multithreadedconnectionmanager and httpclient.
My guess is that the connections are handled by mtcm for every proxy not for
the real destination. In my case this is very bad cause I often change the
proxy and this may be the reason why my speed is to slow.
When i increase the connections to get more speed overall it doesn't work.
It seems that the
socket are limited by java (i tested on xp AND linux)?! As more connections
i give to mtcm in his configuration as more bad the speed is!?
Please tell me If you need some code fragment, but i have the standart

Any suggestions will be appreciated...

Ingo Meyer

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