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From "Tom Zaranek" <tzara...@loyalty.com>
Subject [HttpClient] Number of open sockets increase on session bean redeployment
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 20:57:41 GMT
I am using the MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager, reuse HttpClient and
do a releaseConnection() on POST method complete on finally in a
try-catch-finally block from within a stateless session EJB.  When
reading the response sent by the post method, I

It appears that the number of sockets opens up to the
MAX_SOCKETS_PER_HOST_CONNECTIONS given high enough load.  When I
redeploy the application (ear file), however, the sockets stay open and
additional MAX_SOCKETS_PER_HOST_CONNECTIONS will be created under the
same load.  If the application server gets restarted, all of the socket
connections will be dropped.  Note that the connections initially opened
should stay open since they are set to persist.  But on redeployment I
would expect that the previously opened sockets would close. 

Can someone explain/give a solution to stop the increase of the number
of sockets after each redeployment?  It almost appears that the
Connection Manager does not get destroyed on application redepolyment
which I wonder that it makes sense.
Any help would be appreciated.


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