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From "Wellman, Daniel" <Daniel_Well...@ustrust.com>
Subject HostConfig and HttpState questions in multi-threaded environment
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 18:58:16 GMT

I'm using HttpClient 3.0 rc3 in my web application which communicates
with a 3rd party server over HTTP.  I've been reading through the
archives, code, and documentation, and came up with a strategy for using
HttpClient, and wanted to ask for feedback to see if I'm missing
something.  Thanks in advance for any advice!

My questions:
1. It looks like the HostConfiguration may not be safe to share amongst
different threads, since any redirect changes the HostConfiguration
object.  Right now I create a new HostConfiguration on every
executeMethod().  This feels inefficient; is it?  Is there a better way?
   httpClient.executeMethod(new HostConfiguration(), method, state);

2. When an app-server request requires multiple HttpClient calls, I
create one HttpState and reuse it for all executeMethod() calls.
However, across app-server requests, I wasn't sure if I should embed the
HttpState in my app-server HTTP session, or just the JSessionId.  My
first thought was that storing the user's HttpState in their app server
session might be memory intensive, though now I'm not sure.  Right now I
just store the JSessionId String in the app server session, and create
the Cookie and HttpState when beginning a new series of HttpClient

- Since my app runs in an application server, I'm using the
MultiThreadedHttpCommunicationManager.  I store one instance of
HttpClient which all requests reuse, and execute the call using
httpClient.executeMethod(HostConfiguration, HttpMethod, HttpState)

- Each active user session of the web app has at most one open
connection to the server.  The server uses cookies (JSessionId) to
maintain state.  The session has a timeout of 30 minutes, so the session
may change for long app-server sessions. 

- Currently all my HttpClient requests go to one server with the same
path.  I configure my HttpMethods with an absolute URL, which I obtain
the first time via my application's properties.  I realize now it may be
better to have the HostConfiguration store the host name & port, and
each HttpMethod request contain the relative URI.

Thank you for your feedback,

Daniel Wellman

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