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From "B K" <gr...@hotmail.com>
Subject HttpClient bandwidth
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:15:50 GMT
Hi all,
	 I have developed an application using httpclient, and now that I have 
started using it, it is using to much bandwidth I wonder if anybody has some 
pointers on how to reduce the amount of data being transferred. My idea was 
to use the response headers to only retrieve the response if the data had 
changed, unfortunately I can't find any way of doing this, my idea was to 
only retrieve the response when the web content changed. The web sites I am 
dealing with are very dynamic and change every couple of minutes so I need 
to check every minute for updates to the data.

The application is gathering data from 10 web sites, and I have developed it 
so there are 10 instances of httpclient, one for each web site, the big 
problem I see is everytime I send out the requests I have to download the 
response even if there is no change in the data. Anybody got some bright 
design ideas on how to cut down, I have researched and come up with nothing.


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