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From ADEL...@jam.rr.com
Subject java 1.5 multithreaded problem
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 16:05:11 GMT
I am trying to run an existing application that uses HttpClient, with a
new JVM.  Previously, I was using java 1.4.1, now I am trying to use
java 1.5.0.  Additionally, I updated from httpclient 2.0 to httpclient
3.0 rc 3.

The program I am trying to use (and I'm a developer of the application
too) is webtester, http://webtester.sourceforge.net.   I upgraded the
application to use httpclient 3.0 rc 3, and this worked fine under java 1.4.

When I try to run it under java 1.5, however, the httpclient classes
seem to function differently somehow.  Namely, when I run the
application in a multithreaded environment, cookies do not seem to be

I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with using httpclient,
in a multithreaded environment, with java 1.5?  I examined the list of
changes for java 1.5, and httpclient 3.0, and did not identify anything
obvious which would explain this.

If I need to provide more information, or if I am posting to the wrong
mailing list, then my apologies in advance.

Thank you.

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