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From Tony Seebregts <to...@cibecs.com>
Subject Re: Benchmarks
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 06:12:25 GMT
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback though - its nice to know my results are in the 
right ballpark.

For comparison, am running a single processor 2.8 GHz machine, 1GB of 
RAM, Windows XP and am using Jetty as the server. The connection manager 
was set to allow 64 connections per host but I seemed to get best 
performance at about 32 simultaneous threads (probably an OS thing at a 



>   What is your configuration like? I am getting about 700-800
>transactions/second. I have approx. 30 threads that are calling a single
>HttpClient and MultiThreadedConnectionManager. All requests are going to
>localhost, and I have set the connection manager to handle 50 connections
>per host. Previously my throughput was about 300/second, but simply adding
>threads to Tomcat more than doubled my performance. This also indicates to
>us that Tomcat is our current limiting factor in performance.
>  I am running on a dual Intel 3.0 GHz machine, with plenty of memory.
>Running Linux Enterprise ES 3.0.
>   Has anyone gotten above 1K/sec using HttpClient and Tomcat servlets?

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