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From Dave Hirsch <d...@sway.com>
Subject Integrating JMeter & Jakarta HttpClient
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 16:53:52 GMT
Hi folks,

I have written a custom java application that makes use of Jakarta
HttpClient. My application is designed to test the performance of a web
application (e.g. load testing). My application works well. The only problem
is that it's very time consuming to capture all the http requests and then
having to code them up because there are several hundred requests that need
to be tested and the requests will change over time so maintenance becomes
an issue. Currently, I'm using a tool called proxytrace
http://www.pocketsoap.com/tcptrace/pt.aspx to capture the http requests and
then manually coding the requests based on the info from proxytrace. Is
there a faster approach to capturing the http requests? 
I have tried JMeter to record and replay the http requests and it work
reasonably well. The only problem is that I don't want to use JMeter to
replay the http requests; it is a requirement for the http requests to be
replayed via my custom java application. My application provides custom
logging functionality and a whole bunch of other features that I need that
Jmeter doesn't provide.

So, what are my options here?  I could record the requests with JMeter and
have JMeter capture the requests in an xml file. I could then write some
code to read the xml file, parse the xml file and then replay the http
requests that were captured in the file. However, I don't want to reinvent
the wheel. I know that JMeter can be configured to use Jakarta HttpClient.
Do you think it's possible to grab the JMeter code that reads and parses the
jmeter xml file and integrate that part into my custom java application? Is
this feasible? What classes/files should I be looking at?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thx in advance,

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