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From Ilya Kharmatsky <il...@mainsoft.com>
Subject write buffering
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 22:57:26 GMT
Hi, All!

I'm writing some layer above the http client.
I need to provide to user following functionality:
  1. Handle automatically all redirects / failures.
  2. Be able to buffer in memory the request (in post, put methods)
  3. Max number of redirections.

As I can understand from the code (I'm using version 3.0 beta1),
if I won't set the content length, the request will be buffered, but
I'll loose automatic redirections / failures handling. Am I right?
What is a workaround?

Max number of redirections - is http client supports this? I cannot
find it. The circular references will (by default parameters) throw
Exception, but if there is no such and still I wish to limit the number
of redirections?

Ilya Kharmatsky.

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