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From Gary Gregory <garydgreg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Time to give up on Java 7 compatibility? [Fwd: [JENKINS] [IMPORTANT] - Jenkins Migration and Upgrade (And JDK7 deprecation)]
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2017 15:35:15 GMT
Giving up Java 7 works for me. It is not clear to me that the Jenkins
update does not support Java 7 at all though:

"If your Maven projects need to be built with JDK 7, consider converting
them to freestyle projects, or look into Maven toolchains."

We use Maven toolchains over at Log4j (for building some bits with Java 9)
and that works fine.

The business SSH slaves does not sound pretty though.

Travis-CI still supports Java 7 of course so we can go with that.

We just need to decide what matters for 5.0 and 4.6. Java 8 is OK here.


On Jun 27, 2017 04:22, "Oleg Kalnichevski" <olegk@apache.org> wrote:


ASF Jenkins will no longer support Java7 Maven projects soon. That
means there will be no way to reliably test Java 7 compatibility

Maybe it is time we gave up on Java 7 compatibility altogether. By the
time 5.0.x projects go GA Java 7 may no longer matter.

What do you think?


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From: Gavin McDonald <gavin@16degrees.com.au>
Reply-to: builds@apache.org
To: builds@apache.org
Cc: ASF Operations <operations@apache.org>
Subject: [JENKINS]  [IMPORTANT] - Jenkins Migration and Upgrade (And
JDK7 deprecation)
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:03:13 +1000


2. Upgrade of Jenkins - Jenkins project released a new LTS release,
version 2.60.1. This is a major release and breaks
    Jenkins in terms of Maven jobs for JDK 7 in the same way that it
happened for Maven and JDK 6 a few months back.

    The infra team (mainly myself) got quite some feedback on not
supplying advance notice of this breakage. That upgrade
    however was necessary due to security fixes that required our
upgrade.  This email serves as advance warning of the
    upcoming upgrade of Jenkins, the downtime due to the migration of
the service to a new host; and notice of the breakage
    to JDK 7 that the upgrade brings.

    Please familiarise yourself with the Jenkins LTS upgrade notes at
    In particular please note:-

    “…2.60.1 is the first Jenkins LTS release that requires Java 8 to
run. If you're using the Maven Project type, please note that it needs
to use a JDK capable of running Jenkins, i.e. JDK 8 or up. If you
configure an older JDK in a Maven Project, Jenkins will attempt to find
a newer JDK and use that automatically. If your SSH Slaves fail to
start and you have the plugin install the JRE to run them, make sure to
update SSH Slaves Plugin to at least version 1.17 (1.20 recommended).

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