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From Michael Osipov <micha...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Git policies and practices / of tendency for good intentions to turn into s..t
Date Tue, 16 May 2017 08:17:47 GMT
Am 2017-05-16 um 09:22 schrieb Oleg Kalnichevski:
> So, I woke up this morning, took a look at my mail box and found two
> wonderful commit messages on top of the 4.4.x release branch saying
> 'oh, forgot this' and 'ah, forgot that' immediately after a dev branch
> merge.
> Shit like that will happen over and over again because people tend to
> forget things and tend to make mistakes all the time.

We were talking against the wall. It is pretty much useless :( History 
repeats. There are even forced updates...that's so disappointing!

> I will be vehemently against (to a point of using my -1 as a veto if
> needed) any policy that stops RMs from squashing such commits within a
> defined period of time.

When I see this history, I'd always give the RM the right/vote to clean 
up the crap -- but again, this is a waste of your precious time. Really 
sad about it. There is a huge lack of selforganization. I tend to do 
double-reviews these days -- even solving an issue takes three days 
longer. So what?


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