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From "dennis.heimbigner" <dennis.heimbig...@gmail.com>
Subject Access internal map of org.apache.http.client.CredentialsProvider
Date Tue, 29 Dec 2015 20:59:45 GMT
Consider this situation:
I have a proxy that requires a user+pwd
and my ultimate target is a server that also requires
authentication using some arbitrary CredentialsProvider.

My understanding is that In this case, I need to create
a CredentialsProvider that is the union of two other providers:
one for the proxy and one for the ultimate destination server.
Notice that I do not know the contents (i.e. scope X credentials set)
of the latter provider. Also I want to avoid modifying the target 
provider object because that was given to me by the client code.

So, it seems to me that a method needs to be added to CredentialsProvider
to allow me to access its AuthScope -> Credentials map; this could be done
using an iterator or by exporting a map.

An alternate approach would be to actually add the Cloneable
interface to CredentialsProvider. However, the iterator is IMO a more 
and usable approach.

Please consider this as a wish/new-feature for  the CredentialsProvider 
+Dennis Heimbigner

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