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From Michael Osipov <micha...@apache.org>
Subject Need clarification on the auth backend design for HTTPCLIENT-1625
Date Sun, 01 Mar 2015 21:45:04 GMT
Hi folks,

I need some design clarification on the HttpClient auth backend.

Currently, I trying to figure out how I can plug in connection-based 
auth best into the code. From reading the docs and the code, this is 
what I understood now:
Client receives a 401/407, looks up the best available 
AuthSchemeProvider for that. This one creates a scheme implementation 
instance which does all the hard work.

Given that I have a connection-based auth, I need to be sure that the 
created instance is maintained on the HTTP connection, refed on the same 
connection when I receive the mutual response from the server back and 
then finally disposed (important) when I return isCompleted == true. 
This instance is internally stateful and must be stateful. It must also 
disposed when the authentication has failed for some reason.

I am quite confused by AuthProtocolState and HttpAuthenticator. Latter 
retains an auth state with the former but I cannot set the former from 
within my authenticator. Is that opaque to me and I should solely rely 
on setting isConnectionBased?

In other words: I need to create a GSSContext which is stateful on the 
HTTP connection and has to be maintained until the context has been 
successfully established. After that, I have to dispose it explicitly 
and HttpClient must throw away the scheme instance around that. If 
further request arrive on that connection later on a new scheme instance 
must be created by the backend. So, does it simply suffice to implement 
ContextAwareAuthScheme, AuthSchemeProvider and AuthSchemeBase properly?

Further questions:

1. Why does MalformedChallengeException not extend 
AuthenticationException though it is documented for authentication purposes?
2. The name of ChallengeState is quite confusing. Where is the state? 
This is merely a ChallengeHostType.


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