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From "Asankha C. Perera" <asan...@apache.org>
Subject Re: High server load due to SessionOutputBufferImpl.flush()
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 12:57:55 GMT
Hi Tobias

Whats the version of JDK you use, and do you use zero-copy? Can you get 
a thread dump at about 5 second intervals and share it


On 09/10/2014 05:29 PM, Tobias Bieniek wrote:
> Hi guys,
> we are running httpcore-nio on several production servers as an API
> frontend. Lately we upgraded httpcore from v4.2 to v4.3.2 and since
> then we are experiencing a much higher CPU load (constantly around
> 40%) and memory usage.
> We have activated JMX on the servers, had a look with VisualVM and
> noticed that the Sampler shows SessionOutputBufferImpl.flush() to
> consume over 90% of the CPU time. So far we haven't been able to track
> why it is spending so much time flushing when the HTTP request load is
> actually rather low.
> The memory graph in VisualVM shows that a lot of memory is allocated
> in what we suspect to be an endless loop somewhere, which would also
> explain the high CPU load.
> As I said above we haven't been successful in debugging this problem
> and we would be very thankful for any ideas on how we could solve
> this.
> Tobias Bieniek
> -- 
> Asankha C. Perera
> AdroitLogic, http://adroitlogic.org
> http://esbmagic.blogspot.com

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