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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject Re: [Legal] publicsuffix.org test data; was Re: CVE-2014-3577 postmortem
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2014 10:15:43 GMT

> On 29 Aug 2014, at 10:18, Oleg Kalnichevski <olegk@apache.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-08-28 at 22:34 +0100, sebb wrote:
>> On 28 August 2014 20:32, Asankha C. Perera <asankha@apache.org> wrote:
> ...
>>> I think that is the legal text.. but for the NOTICE file we could possibly
>>> use just the following two lines to keep it short?
>>> // Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
>>> // http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
>> That would not be sufficient, as it is not clear to what the lines refer.
>> However, we should not add anything to NOTICE unless it is _required_.
>> This does not appear to be the case here.
>> NOTICE is for _required_ attributions.
> What does this mean in plain English? We apparently are not required to
> make a formal attribution to the original author. Can I go ahead and
> copy the test data to HC test code tree?

These things are not that black and white. 

Part of it is courtesy; part of it is leaving enough breadcrums for our peers 
20+ year later -and- for our end users when they need to sort through IP 

So I suggest that:

-	leave NOTICE as is - as it is for the more ‚you must read’ this
	sort of things.

-	Add a section in the LICENSE file -OR- a extra file in the publicsuffic
	directory in which you import the publicsuffix data which says
	something like:

	These files/directory/XX have been included under a CC0 1.0
	Public Domain Dedication (url). The original can be found
	at url.

And in any case - put a note in the release notes. Especially if you go down the
path of just a file with the directory as opposed to something at the end
of the license file.

That should make it easy for anyone to find the information reasonably easy; without 
cluttering things up too much.



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