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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject [HttpClient][RfC] API changes in the coming 4.3 alpha1
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2013 15:03:19 GMT

I promised to put together a summary of the latest changes in the trunk.
So, here it is.

(1) API enhancements in the 4.3 series

* Support for Java 7 try-with-resources for resource management
(connection release)

* Added fluent Builder classes for HttpEntity, HttpRequest and
HttpClient instances. 

* Deprecation of preference and configuration API based on HttpParams
interface in favor of constructor injection and plain configuration

* Reliance on object immutablity instead of access synchronization for
thread safety. Several old classes whose instances can be shared by
multiple request exchanges have been replaced by immutable equivalents. 

* DefaultHttpClient,  DecompressingHttpClient, CachingHttpClient and
similar classes are deprecated in favor of builder classes that produce
immutable HttpClient instances. 

* HttpClient builders now dynamically construct a request execution
pipeline tailored specifically to the user configuration by physically
excluding unnecessary protocol components.

* There is now an option to construct a minimal HttpClient
implementation that can only execute basic HTTP message exchanges
without redirects, authentication, state management or proxy support.
This feature might be of particular use in web crawler development. 

* There is now option to avoid strict URI syntax for request URIs by
executing HTTP requests with an explicitly specified target host.
HttpClient will no longer attempt to parse the request  URI if it does
not need to extract the target host from it.

Please do feel free to correct and improve the summary directly in the
release note document


(2) I also put together a document on the new configuration and
preference API:


It is in Wiki for the time being. I'll incorporate in into the official
tutorial once the APIs could be considered more or less stable.

Please review and give your feedback and critique!

If I hear no objections to these changes I will start working on the 4.3
alpha1 release in a few days.


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